Colloidal Minerals are high quality all natural trace minerals with aloe to help prevent diseases and to benefit the immune system
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Colloidal Minerals EVERYTHING ON EARTH, even the earth itself is built upon a foundation of minerals. Minerals are essential to the cells and systems of our body. Without the proper minerals our body system and cells will not function as they should. Minerals are necessary for 95% of the body's daily function.

So much trace mineral content has been lost in today's food supply that even three balanced meals per day will not supply the needed minerals for metabolic compliance. Today's food supply is growing in soils depleted of trace minerals by over use and industrial methods.

Colloidal Minerals BottleNow more than ever we all need essential trace minerals. In this new century we are faced with many stress factors like pollution, drugs, processed fast food and around the clock activities. Evolution in our life requires evolving mineral intake to balance those changes that now effect our eating patterns and lifestyles.

  • Even if your current diet supplies enough major minerals, trace minerals would still be missing
  • Our Colloidal minerals are nearly 100% absorbable.
  • Our Colloidal minerals are collected by a special process and derived from nutrient rich deposits made available from old world plant life.
  • These ALL NATURAL trace minerals should be part of your normal diet to promote a healthy long life.

Fertile prehistoric soils of the old world were rich in minerals. Plants and animals grew to tremendous size in short time spans. The plant life in these fertile soils collected trace mineral during the growing process and they were passed on thorough the food chain as colloidal minerals easily absorbed by consumers of the plants.

Today's soils are so depleted in trace minerals that we must extract these essential absorbable minerals from layers of old world plant deposits.

The high quality colloidal minerals we offer are so important for your health that depleted levels often result in disease. Many diseases (arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, etc.) are symptoms of mineral deficiencies.

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